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American Slavery 1619-1877

Page history last edited by Brian Jennings 8 years, 5 months ago

The book Brian E. recommended to replace the Hugh Thomas book on slavery.  A well researched overview of the situation and cultural norms regarding slavery in early America.  Many historical tidbits about slavery such as the fact most southern whites were not slave owners and the increase in population of African Americans post-revolution being primarily through reproduction rather than the slave trade were thought provoking and added tidbits to fill in the gaps of my prior knowledge and assumptions.  Overall, a nuanced view of American history and culture.  The only annoyance was frequent sporadic comparative references to slavery in Brazil, the Caribbean and Russia dropped as asides which constantly made me think the book this guy really wanted to write was a comparative analysis of slavery in America and these areas.  Compelling enough of a read, however, that it pushed finishing Saramago to the side (this might have to do with unconscious despair over the fact there will be no Saramago left to read once I finish The Manual).   

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