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2016 RRR

Page history last edited by Brian Jennings 4 years ago

Good deeds:

1. picked up trash at Castlewood State Park 11/15



Oe Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids

Oe Death by Water

Christie Murder on the Orient Express

Groff Fates and Furies

Hoagland Application for Release from the Dream

Sutherland  Wings of Fire 1: The Dragonet Prophecy

7. Oe 17 and J

Leckie Ancillary Justice

9. Fusselman Savage Park

10. Butler Let's Get Free: A Hip-Hop Theory of Justice

11. Wings of Fire 2

12. Pamuk A Strangeness in My Mind

13. Daoud The Meersault Investigation

14. Wings of Fire 3

Saroyan The Daring Young Men on the Flying Trapeze

16. Wings of Fire 4

17. Wings of Fire 5

18. Rawls A Theory of Justice

19. Zink Mislaid

20. WIngs of Fire 6

Wings of Fire 7

Faludi Stiffed

Johnson  Fortune's Smiles

Beatty Slumberland

Leovy Ghettoside

Houellebecq Submission


1. Mid-County Y: 11/15

2. Mid-County Y: ? one of Nora's Bball games

3. MRH HS track: 1/3

4. MRH HS track: 1/31

5. MRH HS track: 2/27

6. MRH HS track: 3/6


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